The points I’m about to give to you will contain the true reason(s) why either your mum, dad, sibling, relative or friend was rip off enormous cash. By reading this book, you will also see so many pits and traps you could have fallen into, if you didn’t buy this book. Ok it’s time for the main bizness. Let’s find out the reasons why your mum couldn’t buy that lovely Xmas pet for you as she promised but ended up scratching her head in front of her pc with a very red face. Look at the reasons.

Pet Scam


The advertisement of cute or adorable pets at an exceptionally lower price is the foundation of every pet scam. In other words, most of the people who have been a victim to pet scam either attempted to buy a pet at an exceptional lower price than the market value of that pet breed or attempted to adopt a pet for free. Free or low priced pets are potential baits frequently used by the con artists, to attract the attention of victims. The main reason why free or low priced pets are frequently used as potential bait is due to the human nature.

Quality VS Quantity| Why many bloggers don,t make money through adsense.


Quality VS Quantity

Like I told you before, the amount of money you will make through the Google adsense program is highly dependent upon the quality and quantity of your web traffic. In the context of this subject, the term quality refers to targeted web traffic while the term quantity refers to the number of web visitors to a particular website. Targeted web traffic is made up of web visitors (audience) that are highly interested in the subject of a particular blog. If your website or blog can get those type of audience and in large quantity, you will make lots of money through the Google ad sense program.

How Google Displays Ad words Ads on Adsense Partner websites.

How Google Displays Ad words Ads on Adsense Partner websites.

Like I told you before, Google’s responsibility is to read the articles you write and find Google adwords ads that are relevant to those articles and display them next to those articles (indicated by your adsense code). For example if you write an article explaining what a “domain name” is, but don’t mention where to register a domain, Google will likely display ads for places to register a domain name. So, if your web visitors read the article and decided to register a domain name, your web visitors will likely click on the domain name registration adword ads that have been displayed on your blog by google. All things considered, when Adsense ads are optimized correctly they can be a great way to earn from your blog.

How to choose a profitable Adsense friendly Niche.


How to choose an Adsense friendly Niche (topic) to blog about.

Like I mentioned earlier, a niche can simply be defined as the main topic (the theme) of your blog or website. The car industry is a niche: that is a niche where the audience are people interested in cars. Like I also mentioned earlier, every niche is made up of sub-niches and micro niches. Mercedes is a sub niche (topic) from the main niche (a niche within a niche), as it is a manufacturer of cars. The micro or very specific niches are the best niches because your website or blog will easily show up at the first page of the search results. The search engines love specific websites because they have a high probability of satisfying the needs of a searcher.

How the Google Adsense advertisement Program works.

How the Google Adsense Program works.

Before moving on to the main subject matter (Google adsense), i,m going to give you a clue or a basic knowledge about how the google adword program works. There,s no way you can perfectly understand how the Google adsense program works without having a basic knowledge about how the Google Adword advertisement program works. The Google ad sense advertisement program is just an extension of the Google ad word advertisement program. Ok let’s begin!!

Google adsense tutorial.

Why Google created the ad sense advertisement program.

Everyday millions of people submit ads to Google and Google cannot display all these ads in its search result. Google can only display just 3 ads on each page of its search results. In order for Google to meet the needs of the numerous clients seeking its Adwords advertisement service, Google had to come up with a bigger advertisement program called the Google adsense (adchoice) program. Google adsense is an advertisement partnership program created by Google. Google decided to go in to partnership with other website owners, in order to display some of its Adwords ads on their website. In other words, Google decided to share its adwords revenue with other website owners and make more money with the availability of more ad spaces for its numerous adwords ads.